5 benefits of having a personal trainer by Daniel Gerrard

Tailored to the individual

Personal trainers will carry out a consultation to gather information on your current abilities and create a program specific to you and your body based around your goals and current lifestyle. This means everything is planned to meet your needs as an individual and cuts out any of the guess work.


Personal trainers will hold you accountable to your goals and habits by providing regular check ins, tracking your progress, providing motivation and support.

They will also set up a plan that is sustainable for you as an individual and current life and responsibilities out with the gym.

Education & Progression

As you work with a personal trainer you will learn correct technique on exercises and what exercises are best for your body and goals. As your body adapts your trainer will educate you on when to push to progress and when to pull back to reduce the risk of injury and overtraining. –

Nutritional advice

Your personal trainer will give advice based on your goals what nutrition strategy would be best for you. This could be working out your macronutrient ratio and calories to giving example meals to eat and what supplements would best fit your individual needs. –

Optimise Time Efficiency

Hiring a personal trainer is great for men & women with very busy schedules as it means the plan is put in place for you getting the most value for your time in the gym. You are learning from someone who has studied the best protocols and has the experience of trying different exercise regimes so you don’t have to. You just get your plan that your trainer has put in place for you and work together to get the desired outcome.

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