Yoga has pulled me through my worst days

Having been a member of Kippie for over 25 years Rona always regarded Kippie as being her safe haven, somewhere for her kids to enjoy and grow their hobbies but also somewhere where she could take part in fitness classes and stay fit.
“Yoga for me was always about fitness at first” Rona explains.  “I didn’t really understand all the meanings of mantra or mudras I just enjoyed the physical side of it”.  Then the unimaginable happened and Rona was told she was suffering from Breast Cancer in 2017.

Rona had to endure an operation and Radio therapy during her treatment .   “It was the worst year of my life, but I had to carry on – I needed support.  I decided to visit CLAN Cancer Support Centre and was astonished that not only do they offer care and counselling they offer holistic treatments not just for the patient but their families”.

Rona’s health improved but her body and mind were still weak.  She was advised to return to Yoga and she has never looked back.  “Yoga has pulled me through my worst days.  For the first time I used Yoga as a salvation and it certainly has been the most holistic healing for me.  Yoga is the journey for yourself, it shows you the way”.

With the help of Yoga and CLAN Rona continues to grow stronger.  As a thank you to CLAN she has signed up for the Great Wall of China 6 day trek on the 11th October raising funds for CLAN.
Rona will be hosting a coffee morning on Thursday 26th September at the Club where Kippie will be donating 50% of all tea and coffee sales that day.
Thank you for your inspirational story Rona and good luck with your trek.  Everyone is welcome along to the coffee morning and Rona will appreciate all your support.

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Yoga has pulled me through my worst days

Having been a member of Kippie for over 25 years…

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