Term Memberships – a fantastic opportunity!

Dear Member,

As part of the fundraising campaign for the long term development of the sports facilities at Kippie Lodge that were announced at the 2018 AGM, the Management Committee have decided to introduce Term Memberships.

These Term Memberships will be effective from 1st January 2020 and will be offered for sale in April, May and June this year at the prices noted below. They will be available in four categories; Ordinary/Family, Single, Senior Ordinary/Family, Senior Single. There will be a limited number set at 50.They will be issued on a ‘first come’ basis with preference given to the longest membership duration.i.e. Life, 10 year and 5 year. Closing date for applications is 30th June. Successful applications to be paid by 1st October.


Membership Type

Life:  £22,000,   10 year £13,500,    5 year £7,500

Life: £12,760,   10 year £7,830,     5 year £4,350

Senior Ordinary/ Family
Life: £16,500,   10 year £10,125,     5 year £5,625

Senior Single
Life: £9,570,   10 year £5,875,     5 year £3,275


If you have any questions or queries, please contact me at the Club on 734747 or email me at r.caldwell@kippielodge.co.uk.


An application form is attached and should be sent to our membership co-ordinator Gail Moon either by post or to gailmoon@kippielodge.co.uk


This offer is a fantastic opportunity to make significant saving on your membership subscriptions and help ensure the long-term future of Kippie Lodge.


Yours sincerely


Robin Caldwell

Club Director

2020_Term_Membership_Application_Form pdf

2020 Term Membership Application Form word document

Terms and Conditions

  1. Term Membership categories:
    1. Ordinary/ Family
    2. Single
    3. Senior Ordinary / Family (must be over 60 years of age and have been a full member for five consecutive years)
    4. Senior Single (must be over 60 years of age and have been a full member for five consecutive years)
  2. Term memberships will commence on 1st January 2020
  3. Membership rights for Term Membership will be the same as Ordinary and Single memberships, which are paid by annual subscription (including direct debit)
  4. Term Memberships are limited and will be issued on a ‘first come’ basis and preference will be given to the applications for the longest membership duration, i.e. Life, 10 year and 5 year.
  5. Term Memberships will be limited to 50, Senior Term Memberships will be included in these totals.
  6. The minimum age for eligibility for a life membership is 48.
  7. Each year the Management Committee will set a new issue price for Term Memberships
  8. If necessary, a waiting list for Special Memberships will be established by the Club and administered by the Management Committee
  9. Special memberships are non-refundable or transferable. Requests to transfer Special Memberships will be at the sole discretion of the Management Committee and will be ruled upon on a case per case basis
  10. The capacity of the Club will remain at 1400 factored memberships, Special Memberships will be in addition to this figure.





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