Kippie's Fitness Schedule

Here is our new schedule for week beginning Monday 21st December. To request the Zoom codes please refer to your member's email or log onto Facebook - Kippie Lodge Closed Facebook Page.

                   CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Unwind, Breath & Meditate  This new class includes gentle yoga exercise to unwind, release tension to help you sit comfortably for breath work and meditation. Class is suitable for everyone.  Particularly anyone new to meditation and for those that want to establish a regular practice.   Mindfulness Yoga – Mindful movement, breath and body awareness meditation finishing with relaxation. Reducing the tendency to be on edge and diminish tension while calming the mind  Pilates – All the classes online are suitable for every levels. Even if you have not done this before.  The instructors will give you options from basic to advanced.  Please take the option that is good for you. As Pam says “if it hurts don’t do it”. Perfect class to improve your posture and core strength. Improving performance in sport and other class disciplines.  Hatha Yoga (Tuesday, Friday & Saturday) – This class with work on your alignment while calming your mind, body and spirit. In the 90 minute classes you will have more time to explore the poses and recover in Savasana (relaxation) at the end.   Hatha Yoga (Wednesday) – This Hatha class drawinspiration from various styles of Yoga.   Power Yoga – This class is not suitable for beginners. Power yoga is designed to build heat in the body and strength in the muscle. Repeating a series of poses.   Barre – A seamless, high energy flow of ballet inspired moves. Pilates based exercises.  Focusing on breath with movement.  Designed to keep your heart rate up, muscles working with zero impact. Leaving you strong sleek and streamlined.  Lo Impact Workout – Looking for a workout to raise the heart rate as well as tone the muscles?  This is the one.  You wont need much room. Its lo impact, no jumping so suitable for all.   HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. 30 minute workout with functional movements using your body weight to increase the heart rate and tone the muscles. Options for beginners. Or take a longer break between exercises. Workout includes burpees, lunges, push ups and planks. Perfect right now.  No equipment needed. Have water and a towel close by.    DISCLAIMER  Are you fit and well and able to do this class? · Do you have enough space and no trip hazards in the place you will be doing the class? · These classes are for Kippie members only if you are not Kippie member then you should leave the class · To take part in this class you must have responded to the email sent out by Kippie asking for your acceptance of the T&Cs Yoga disclaimer · To ensure safe delivery of online classes please note the following: · 1. Let the teacher know you will be attending a class with your full name provided · 2 On arrival make your identity clearly visible on Zoom · 3 Confirm agreement with the disclaimer; please note this needs to be dated · 4 Complete the teachers Health Questionnaire via email or complete this with your teacher by phone. This is held in confidence in compliance with data protection with your teacher and updated regularly with the teachers ongoing notes and advice ref adaptations of exercises. · These are gentle yoga and mindfulness classes but participants must follow all safety instructions before beginning the class and throughout. If you are not fit or in good health or have mental health issues you will seek medical advice before participating. You recognize that it is your responsibility to notify your teacher of any serious illness or injury well before every yoga session. Please wear comfortable clothing and do not eat a heavy meal 2 hours before class. The full class should be carried out to ensure you are properly warmed up and restorative postures are taken.  When participating in any exercise program there is the possibility of physical injury. You recognise that it is your responsibility to work within your own limits and listen to your body. You will not perform or continue any postures that cause discomfort to the extent of strain or pain. If you experience any discomfort you should gently come out of the posture and take rest or a restorative pose. If things do not settle always seek medical advice. You understand that yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. The teacher accepts no responsibility for any damage to possessions or person while undertaking the activities in this activity or online activity. When booking a class, and including online classes, you hereby agree to engage voluntarily in these Yoga sessions at your own risk and accept the terms of this disclaimer.   Disclaimer For Nia Classes Instructed By Louise Waugh I hereby declare that I am fit and well enough to participate in Nia classes instructed by Louise Waugh online or otherwise. If I have any health issues or injuries, I will inform Louise in writing before participating in any of her classes (online or otherwise). I take full responsibility for any accident, illness or injury that may occur as a result of participating in Louise’s classes.   Please cut and paste this into your email and send it to Thank you.   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. How do I access online classes? The majority of our classes are being hosted via Zoom. Please see below for instructions on how to access these classes: – Download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” from your App Store (the icon looks like a blue FaceTime) – Sign Up and follow the instructions in the email that is sent to you to active the account – Once complete, return to the Zoom App and sign in – To join a class that Kippie has sechedule, select the Meet & Chat screen and then press Join – Under Meeting Id enter the class code (9 digit code) which can be found on the fitness schedule sent to you by email or on our Facebook page. – On the video preview screen, select “Join with Video” so you can see the instructor. – You are now connected! Karina’s Yoga classes (Friday 1.15pm & Saturday 9am) are hosted on her Facebook page. To join these classes you will need to add Karina Stewart on Facebook and let her know you wish to join the class.   2. How do I get the Zoom access codes? Kippie will send you a weekly email with all the codes listed in it. If you are not on our mailing list, please email to add your details. The codes will also be posted on our closed Facebook group (Kippie Sports & Country Club Group). IF you are not currently a member of the group please send us a request to join and once we have verified your membership we shall add you to the group.   3. Do I need to sign a disclaimer? If you wish to continue participating in classes please visit and click on “Kippie at Home Fitness Schedule”. If you scroll down, below the fitness schedule you will see the disclaimer. Please copy and paste this into an email and send to   4. Are classes available to participate at any time? Our fitness schedule is the live classes available to you via Zoom or an instructors own Facebook page. As a Kippie member, Les Mills have given access to their Les Mills On Demand classes which you can participate in at any time day or night. To access this service follow the link on our closed Facebook page or email to be emailed the link.   5. Are there are classes for kids? Les Mills Born To Move classes are available for kids – see above. Alternatively, visit our Kids Zone at for ideas for keeping the kids entertained.   6. Classes are not really for me, are there any gym workouts? If it’s the gym and personal trainer you are missing why not try out the LifeFitness website. These On Demand home workouts include work out of the day, interval training and much more. If you would like the access the website, please email and a link with be emailed to you.