Low Moderate Aerobic Intensity Class

While ITS is for seniors so LOW-MODERATE AEROBIC INTENSITY and lower impact on joints.

Safety aspects


There are several ways to do this. Two methods are explained below.

1. Gage how you are feeling; if you feel warmer and you are breathing faster you have raised your intensity level. If you are warmer and still able to speak but you are too short of breath to sing you are working at approximately the right level. If you can still sing you may need to work harder to get cardiovascular benefit. 

2. Check your heart rate by taking your own pulse for 15 seconds and then multiply this by 4 to get your heart rate ( beats) per minute (bpm).  Alternatively use a FITBIT or other device.

 Calculate your heart rate zone for mild to moderate intensity level exercise as follows:

MHR = maximum heart rate = 220- your age =

50% or 1/2 of MHR = 

70% of MHR = 0.7  x MHR =

Warm  up gets you to about 50% MHR

YOUR SAFE ZONE for moderate intensity exercise is 

between 50% – 70% of MHR

So example I am 60 years old

MHR = 160 (= 220-age 60)

50% MHR = 80 ( 1/2 of 160)

70 % MHR = 112 ( 7 x 16 )

My  exercise heart rate zone  is 80-112 bpm

Please note if you are on cardiac or blood pressure medication your MHR is lower. So do always listen to your body and rest if you feel pain, fatigue,  dizziness or too short of breath.

Make sure:

You keep well hydrated.

You haven’t had heavy meal in last 2 hours

You work in a safe environment with:

Exercise footwear 

Non slip surface, exercise mat

Sturdy chair that doesn’t slide or move

Small towel

2 tennis balls or light hand weights

Enough space to move sideways and forward and back a few steps

Wall or door for support



Low Moderate Aerobic Intensity Class

While ITS is for seniors so LOW-MODERATE AEROBIC INTENSITY and…

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