Kids Classes

Bookings for our next coaching block (see details below) are now open. Contact Reception to book your child’s space.


16.00-17.00 Tennis (BB) 5-8yrs T/C Alan
17.00-18.00 Tennis (BB) 5-8yrs T/C Alan
16.00-17.00 Tennis (BB) 5-8yrs T/C Alan
17.00-18.00 Tennis (BB) 9-12yrs T/C Alan
16.00-17.00 Tennis (BB) 5-8yrs T/C Alan
16.00-17.00 Tennis (BB) 5-8yrs T/C Alan
09.00-10.30 Learn To Swim (BB) Pool LTS Team
10.25-11.10 Hip Hop (B) 5-10yrs 3 Sara K
11.15-12.00 Cheerleading (B) 8-12yrs 3 Sara K


(b) Weekly booking – no charge

(B) Block Booking – no charge

(BB) Block Bookings – must be booked and paid before the block starts



Kippie’s very own Cheerleading squad! Combining dance, stunts and chanting this class helps to improve strength, flexibility, technique and team work.


Works mainly on games for learning that build the fundamental core skills required for golf.  This ensures an entertaining and fun learning environment.

Hip Hop

A fun and energetic dance class for children aged 5-10. This class helps to improve co-ordination and technique whilst keeping your child active and healthy.


Traditional Japanese Shotokan karate focusing on basic punching and kicking, defence against multiple imaginary opponents and partner work while working towards gradings.

Learn To Swim

Our programme aims to introduce basic water and submerging skills and developed water confidence. As your child moves up through the levels they will learn kicks and the practises for front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke and will develop a wider range of aquatic competences such as life saving.

Mum & Baby Dance

Sensory movement experience for both baby and Mum. Designed to stimulate, educate and provide precious memories during the all-important first year of their life. Great opportunity for mums to get moving and socialise too!

Parent & Toddler Swim

These classes are a great way for parents to learn how to hold and support their child in the water. It also teaches key developmental skills through songs and activities and promotes independent play with swimming aids and toys.


5-8 yrs – Using fun games to give an understanding of the basic shots of tennis using racket and co-ordination skills.

9-12yrs – Rally and shaping their swing to help give the confidence and understanding to play a game.

Tough Monkee Adventures

Sessions have a focus on developing FUNdamental movement skills through fun and games, including obstacle courses and much more.

Tough Monkee Explorers

Sessions have a focus on developing FUNdamental movements skills through fun and games, including parkour and much more.

Yoga Bugs

These classes bring stories to life through specially developed moves inspired by yoga. Combining fun with exercise, children go on wild adventures where they may roar like a lion, fly like a bird or blast into outer space!


Without a doubt Kippie lodge has the widest range of facilities of any other private members club in the North East of Scotland. This fact coupled with its idyllic surroundings makes membership particularly attractive.

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