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Kippie - Hypnotherapy and Sports Performance

When it comes to sports performance, being mentally tough can be just as important as having physical talent and can help to give you an advantage over the competition. Whether you just compete for fun or have more serious ambitions, hypnotherapy has helped many of my clients to up their game.

Hypnotherapy is becoming hugely popular with both professional and amateur athletes as a way to make the most of natural talent and overcome mental hurdles that can affect the ability to perform to full potential.

A few ways that hypnotherapy can improve sports performance:

  • Overcoming negative thoughts that may ultimately turn into a self fulfilling prophecy for your performance.
  • Encouraging relaxation so that anxiety and nerves don’t take over and affect performance.
  • Staying composed, even when the pressure is on. Hitting good serves in tennis or teeing off in golf can benefit from this, for example.
  • Repeatedly rehearsing sporting situations in your mind, which can lay groundwork for performing to a high standard. The brain can’t differentiate between visualizing an activity and actually performing it so it’s a bit like performing high level or pressure scenarios for real (such as hitting an ace when you’re break point down or amazing your golfing buddies with your super cool ability to tee off).


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