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A Message from the Chairman

Dear Members,

It is that time again, where we ask you to renew your Kippie membership. The beginning of 2021 was challenging, and the second lockdown resulted in the Club’s membership dropping by almost 25%, from pre-pandemic levels. Your committee and the team at Kippie, took decisive action to reduce our overheads and claim any funding the Club was entitled to from local and National Government.

As the Club re-opened in late April, recovery in membership numbers has been very significant and come the end of November, it has almost reached pre-pandemic levels. The continued support of you, our members and the healthy growth in new members has ensured that the Club survived and put us in a good position for the future, however the pandemic has stretched resources resulting in a constrained investment in our facilities. The management committee recognises that the fabric of some areas has suffered and a programme of investment in the existing facilities is being developed and it is hoped that the changing rooms, the Lodge, the driving range and the driveways will be improved in 2022.

I would like to thank all the members who took part in the Club’s annual survey, Kippie is your Club and your views matter. Overall, the feedback has been very positive, you gave the Club more than a 4-star rating and we have been able to identify a number of areas for improvement which will be developed into a clear action plan to be shared with you once finalised e.g. delivering a broader range of classes in the New Year. We completed the planned ventilation improvements in January 2022, which will enable us to safely use all our studio space and give the class timetable more flexibility.

The 2022 fees have been set after discussion with Kippie Senior Management and your Management Committee, and a 4.9% increase in fees was deemed necessary. Inflation is expected to reach 4.5% in 2022, fuel inflation is considerably higher and I am sure that you have all noticed an increase in prices of every-day items; Kippie is not immune from this. Even with the increase in fees, Kippie still offers incredible value for money, a family membership still costs less than £5 per day. The increase will also support the much-needed improvements.

Kippie is solely owned by you, the members. It is your Club, and without your support over the last two years the Club’s future was very uncertain, but the bounce back in memberships this year was better than expected and on behalf of the committee, I thank you all for staying with/joining the Club. 2022 will be an exciting year and if the upward trend in membership numbers continues, we will be able to invest further in the Club and may even reach capacity and instigate a waiting list.

Your sincerely

Trevor Grose
Chairman of the Management Committee